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Monthly Plan
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                                                             JESUS (October)
                                                        Framers 3rd – 4th Grade

Theme              Passage       Aim                Getting              Lesson         Application           Sharing

1. Temptations    Matthew     Child will use    Bible Sword     Jesus uses    What may Satan    Ask God to help
of Jesus              4:1-11         Christ's power   Drill                 the Bible to   tempt us to do?    you resist Satan's
                                       to resist                                    resist Satan's                             temptation
                                       temptations                               temptation                        

2. Jesus cleanses  John    Child will ask     Dirty apple and   Jesus chases the  What things may   Ask Jesus to
the Temple        2:12-25  Jesus to forgive  a clean apple      businessmen out   we be doing that   forgive the sin
                                his sin and         or magic lesson   of the Temple      displease Jesus?    you are doing
                                cleanse him        on forgiveness     that displeases                                                 

3. Jesus reveals   John        Child will trust   Hangman game   Jesus confronts   How do you         Ask Jesus to come
He is God        10:22-39    Jesus as his                                 the Pharisees       know that Jesus    into your life and
                                   Savior                                        about His deity    is God?                 be your Savior

4. Jesus heals     John        Child will tell     If you could meet   Jesus shows He   Who can you        Ask God to help  
a blind man        9:1-34     others that        a famous person,    is God by healing  tell that Jesus        you to tell  1
                                  Jesus is his       who would you      a blind man           is God and died    person that Jesus
                                  Savior              like to meet?                                      for them?              loves him and
                                                                                                                                               wants to save him